About us

Hangzhou DNano MetaBio Technology Co., LTD. (DNano MetaBio) was founded in 2022, on the belief that innovation of biotechnology can offer more choices for people with malignant and chronic diseases. For these patients suffering from cancers and metabolic diseases that currently are untreatable or incurable, DNano MetaBio’s proprietary and multifunctional DNA/RNA-based nanovehicles provide new hope.

Core Strengths

Team Strength

Dr. Baoquan Ding is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Founder of DNano MetaBio. He received his Ph.D. in 2006 from the Department of Chemistry, New York University, under the supervision of Professor Nadrian Seeman, pioneer of the field of structural DNA nanotechnology. The core team is composed of scholars from National Nanoscience Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and experts from the medical industry.

Technical Advantages

The nucleic acid nanocarriers, which have been constructed based on programming design, can be used to deliver different types of drugs including biological macromolecules, such as nucleic acids and proteins as well as small molecules. The team has rich experience in DNA structure design, which enables them to accurately regulate the organ-targeting ability and the on-demand drug release performance of the nanocarriers.

Scientific Research Advantage

The R&D team is committed to the construction and functionalization of multi-moieties self-assembly structures based on biological macromolecules, and has developed intelligent drug carriers with customized functions and great clinical transformation prospects, providing novel strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of major diseases.